Ludulicious Ad Server

Starting in 2011, Ludulicious focused on online gaming. Webfeud was created - after the immensely popular Wordfeud came to this world - to provide people without a smartphone with an online scrabble game.

After some time, Ludulicious' portfolio extended and shifted from games to more serious websites.

Mid 2017 the team got connected to some online advertising agencies and started to collaborate on what came to be UpStreamAds: a cost effective solution for brand awareness and online bannering.

In order to stay competitive, the team decided to set up a dedicated ad serving platform: The Ludulicious Ad Server. This server now serves over 5 million daily ad impressions varying from images to sophisticated dynamic creatives.

Versatile solution

The Ludulicious Ad Server serves all kinds of creatives. From image creatives to fully fledged html4 banners: there is no limit.

Your ads here?

Interested in using our ad sever for serving your ads? The ad server is managed bij UpStreamAds.

UpStreamAds focusses on brand awareness and offers high volume traffic at the lowest cost.